Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The "Big" Enemy

It seems to have become a cliche to call any large industry or powerful group the "big".  Whether it be Big Pharma, Big oil, Big Data, Big Government and on and on.  There are very legitimate reasons to criticize the various "bigs" but more often than not you hear it from the nuts over at the conspiracy theory water cooler.  I wanted to write this short post because I recently saw one on my favorite nutbag garbage heap Naturalnews.com that literally made me spit out my sandwich onto my keyboard in laughter.  Ladies and Gentlemen and all in other, may I present you Big Bread.  The point of this pile of monkey feces thrown at a computer screen is actually about Monsanto and Glyphosphate, a recent favorite of Mikey Adams and his crew of trolls, but it amused me that instead of the usual anti GMO rhetoric and Monsanto bashing, the headline goes straight to Big Bread.  I think the staff writer that wrote this piece may have actually had a sense of humor.  Of course my fervent hope is that someday we will find out that Natural News is actually a satire site operated by The Onion.

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