About This Blog:

First off, thank you for visiting the Skeptic's Rebuttal.  Without readers this would basically be an exercise in self flagellation.  I have long been wary of pseudoscience and flat out bullshit that can be found almost everywhere on the internet.  The point of this blog is to, as directly as possible, confront the claims of the web's worst.  Readers will likely notice that Mike Adams and his web of sites are my favorite whipping boy, partly because they make it far too easy.  I have no issue with people that question science, since that is what helps make science stronger.  However, contradicting science entirely is another matter.  Sometimes stupidity makes me angry, which is why i curse, but I just see that as adding flavor.  So hopefully with a little humor, a little knowledge, and a lot of time on the computer, I can help straighten out the facts and make my corner of the internet slightly better.

About Me:

My name is Kevin Jenco and I started Skeptic's Rebuttal in July 2016 because I had far too much time at my summer internship, and I am just sick and tired of my mother telling me fantastical B.S. she gets from the internet.  I was born in 1991 in Sacramento California (which is actually the capital of the state, not L.A. as many seem to think) attended 11 years of Catholic School and am now a student at U.C. Berkeley, majoring in political science.  My plans include going to law school, and suing homeopaths into oblivion.  I also spent a number of years as a heavy equipment mechanic after graduating from high school and while attending community college before being accepted to Berkeley.  I am a secular humanist whose main focus is defeating bad science wherever it has the potential to harm my community.

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