Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ignoring, Well... Everything. Mr. David "avocado" Wolfe

David Wolfe may be one of the most clueless alternative health and lifestyle gurus on the net today.  How he arrives at his conclusions, I do not know.  Whether he reads articles before he allows his team to post them, I highly doubt it.  In a story by Katherine Crofton on David Wolfe's blog, she claims that birth defects, still births, and miscarriages have risen significantly since the Fukushima incident.  Somewhat hilariously the link for birth defects goes to a story about birth defects among the survivors of the nuclear explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  A Story That Says: 

 "No statistically significant increase in major birth defects or other untoward pregnancy outcomes was seen among children of survivors"

I'm not joking, that is the very first line of the linked article.  I have to imagine that Mrs. Crofton didn't even bother to read it, but just picked a page she assumed no one else would look at beyond the headline.

The only other sources listed are a you tube video interviewing survivors that is entirely in Japanese with subtitles, and is the very un-provable or irrelevant anecdotal evidence that the nuts thrive on, as well as a link to a story by, a radical left wing site with a strong anti nuclear stance.  While I have no issue with counterpunch taking ideological stances on issues, but when it comes to provable science they should defer to the experts.  For a very excellent and unbiased look at the Fukushima disaster 5 years later (that provides real sources), try this article from Popular Mechanics.

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