Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mike Adams "The Health Ranger" Goes Full Retard

Now, for any of you shocked or upset by my use of the word retard in the title, let me say right out that i am using it for a very specific purpose.  I am an advocate of the Autistic community and would never dream of calling a handicapped child that word.  My point is that Mike Adams (whose name I hesitate even to capitalize) seems to have found his new favorite word.  The point is to show the hypocrisy of a man who claims to be an advocate for the mentally handicapped, but is really merely a delusional bigot who makes millions selling supplements to the brainwashed masses that peruse his many web sites.

On July 14th my personal Darth Vader  wrote and published an article on his stream of drivel web page Naturalnews.com entitled "Black Lives Matter Protesters Go Full Retard".  In the article I counted over ten uses of the word "retard" in a derogatory manner interspersed by what can only be described as the wet dream ramblings of David Duke with a touch of Joe Arpaio.  The article is nothing but a self righteous, racist distortion of a comment made by a few deluded members of Black lives Matter.  Of course Adams acts as though it is the point of the entire movement.  I'll give you a small sample so you don't have to go to his smut site and give him advertising revenue.  Adams writes, 
                  "If it wasn't for the cops' presence on the streets of America, every single U.S. city 

would almost instantly collapse into a gang banger free-for-all that begins with the mass raping 

and murdering of the very same pathetic white people who are now supporting Black Lives 

Matter protests. Hint to the Retard Coalition: Many of those criminal black lives would love 

nothing more than for the police to be stripped of the right to use force. It's every criminal's 

greatest fantasy to be able to carry out all their crimes with no opposition from police"

I have long suspected that Mike Adams had more than a few screws loose, and this sort of thing only reinforces that belief.  For someone who made millions founding a company that helps get spam email into your inbox (thats right, he made spam email software), one would hope Mike was a better writer too, but unfortunately he comes across as the dumb kid in class who just yells over everyone when he isn't taken seriously.  When I started writing this blog I first did a quick search of Naturalnews.com to find the article I had read about a week earlier.  Rather surprisingly, when I searched for the word "retard" 14 pages of results showed up on the natural news search page.  To be entirely honest many of them are the verb form of the word used in various legitimate contexts, however on the first three pages alone I counted 6 articles that used it in the derogatory manner to refer to someone or some group (not counting the many times the search returns were repeats or referenced each other).  I can't fault Adams for having strong opinion, as i too have a very strong opinion that he is an asshole, but the hatred and idiocy he spews are dangerous because he has many many followers.

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