Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Baking Soda and lemon, a combination to... taste gross

I keep tabs on the various internet ignoramuses primarily through social media.  That way I don't have to keep visiting their web sites every time they post a new article.  Most of the sites I keep tabs on post a large amount of articles every day.  Joseph Mercola posts three to five a day, the Food Babe seems to post nonstop, Mike Adams has so many web sites and writers it's hard to even say exactly how much he spews about the web each day.  So twitter and facebook are valuable resources for keeping tabs on the nuts.  Mike Adams usually posts at least one item an hour and I often notice that the twitter headline is much different from the article headline, which is commonly much different from the article's actual content.  One such example occurred today.  The twitter post read:

"Alkalize your body to prevent cancer"

Of course anytime i read a cancer claim i have to look, as these are the most dangerous claims of all that often convince people not to pursue real cancer treatment.  So when i clicked on the article I was not surprised to read the headline on Mike Adams' that said:

"Baking soda and lemon - A combination to HEAL Cancer" (Emphasis added)

I have found that conflicting messages are a regular mainstay in the world of alternative medicine so this was absolutely right at home.

Of the three links provided in the article two of them go directly to another site selling products.  One link to a water filter, and the other to some vegetable growing apparatus.  The third link leads to, another site that appears to be a subsidiary of Adams' main site,  Rather than linking to any article that provides supporting evidence for what the writer, Vicki Batts, claims, the link goes to the home page of fresh news.

The main claim of the article is that a study published by Cancer Research says sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) has been shown to alkalize the environment around the cell and prevent cancer growth etc.  The leap then made is that eating more alkaline foods can prevent cancer, claiming that eating alkaline foods will make the body alkaline.  This of course completely is at odds with the truth, since homeostasis keeps the body's PH at a relatively stable level. and the old Vitamin C is more powerful than chemo bit.  To be honest Vicki did cover her ass by saying that studies suggest these things rather than making the blanket unsupported claim, but did not link to any of the claimed studies, did not list them after the article, and did not give hardly any identifying information that could be used to identify and track them down.  However, Dr. David Gorski, the amazing Orac has repeatedly debunked the vitamin C claim here, here and here.  now perhaps Vicki has access to elite information us mere mortals could not hope for, but I highly doubt it.  So for the time being, since there is no reputable research to support these claims just try to stay away from the usual B.S. about alternative cures and prevention to cancer.  I repeat, all reputable scientific information refutes these claims, and with no sources i am able to look into, i must conclude that Vicki Batts engaged in very creative or deluded writing that Mike Adams was more than happy to publish.

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