Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A MASSIVE Leap for logical fallacy

My favorite whipping boy Mike Adams never fails to present me with countless articles and you tube videos every single day, all ripe for the picking with juicy low-hanging fruit of absolute stupidity.  I was absolutely overjoyed when I saw an article that Mike himself wrote with the wonderful headline "Leaked DNC emails prove once and for all that the conspiracy theorists were RIGHT all along".  I just knew that this one would be golden, and it did not disappoint.  The article starts of with the perfect line:

"To anyone who has ever been called a "conspiracy theorist," the world owes you a massive apology"

Well i'm getting ready to apologize Mike, what have you got for me?

"The only thing that makes this conspiracy any different than all the other true conspiracies 

happening right now is that they got caught."

The premise? Because this really happened and it was technically a conspiracy all conspiracies must be true.  From there Mike goes into a diatribe about the Russian explanation being an excuse and 

"democrats are corrupt criminals who are willing to sell anything to the Russians (as long as the 

donation fee is high enough to the Clinton Foundation)."

I have to admit that when I read the majority of the article I imagined Adams speaking incredibly fast like a rambling maniac, which actually made it sound much more logical.  

Rest assured, little Mikey has much more absurdity to come, and i will be there to laugh my ass off while I read it.  But for now, I'm not going to apologize.

Mike, you are a conspiracy theorist, and beyond that, also a conspiracy nut, and you are disastrously wrong about almost everything you believe.  

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