Thursday, July 28, 2016

Late To The Party, A brief outline of Miracle Mineral Solution
I have to admit that up until about three months ago I had never heard of Miracle Mineral Solution.  I have no idea why, but it was simply something that had never crossed my radar.  The first question anyone should ask about a product like this is does it work, the second, is it dangerous.  Well does MMS work? Absolutely not, and is MMS safe?  I'll give you three guesses.  Called many things by many different people, what it really comes down to is Sodium Chlorite, NaClO2.  Sodium Chlorite is industrial bleach used in paper mills.  I'm not using that like Vani Hari or other fearmongers would, making a wild claim about part of a compound or mixture that is similar to an industrial chemical, Sodium Chlorite is literally the exact same chemical used to bleach paper.  Simply checking a Material Safety Data Sheet for Sodium Chlorite shows a myriad of harmful side affects and conditions it can cause.  The MSDS I link to is for a 25% solution admittedly, of course proponents will likely point out that this is far different from the 28% Solution!!! that is MMS.  When used "properly" the solution creates Chlorine Dioxide another hazardous chemical.  This warning letter to consumers from the FDA warns that MMS "poses a significant health risk to consumers".  I'm sure many of the MMS users are either the religious who are fooled by the word miracle in its name, or otherwise probably the usual conspiracy crowd who believe that the government and medical establishment are evil and engaged in a conspiracy to keep us sick, but most of us actually have a functioning brain and should realize that this is a dangerous false panacea, just one more in a long line of them.

I encourage anyone who encounters this product being sold on the net to spend five minutes online and file a complaint with the FDA or FTC.  It is simply one small thing that we can do other than pointing out on our blogs how wrong these people are.

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