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While on twitter I may seem to be a bit of an asshole, and it does seem very one sided to just write refutations of other people's work, there is incredible value to be found in discussing these issues.  Mainly that value lies in the ability to make people aware of the facts.  As far as I am aware I have only ever convinced one hardcore conspiracy theorist that they were wrong about something, and that was a close friend and it took quite literally hours to convince him.  All I was able to convince him was that Fluoride was not poison.  He still thinks 9/11 was an inside job, that Kennedy wasn't shot by Oswald, and a myriad of other conspiracy theories, but I'm proud of that one little breakthrough.  It took hours of discussion, lots of googling, and a ton of explaining basic science and pointing out the flat out deception of the online conspiracy buffs.  So my policy on this blog will be to not censor any comments at all unless they cross very clear lines of using racist slurs or other solid lines of human decency.  If i do remove a comment I will let you know why and give you a chance to re-post.

I want to do the best I can of addressing any evidence anyone thinks they have that for alternative medicine conspiracies etc.  I will either respond in my own comment or write a post if the answer is lengthy.  Please, ask questions, point out my faults and discrepancies, because this is how we reach a conclusion that we can say is true.  I may not change your mind, but I hope I can make you think.

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