Friday, July 29, 2016

Consumer Wellness Center Labs Identity Crisis

When Kevin Jenco Talks About Kevin Jenco on Kevin Jenco's blog, Kevin Jenco usually uses the words I or my.  When Mike Adams Talks about himself on the bowl of pig rectums he calls a web site, he talks about Mike Adams.  I just couldn't help but notice in a recent article Mike wrote titled :CWC Labs announces heavy metals water and soils testing services to the public; 20 toxic metals, minerals and trace elements analyzed via ICP-MS, he refers to himself in the third person.  He writes

"The director of the laboratory, Mike Adams, author of the No. 1 bestselling science book on entitled "Food Forensics," directs the scientific analysis of all water and soil samples. 

His recent analysis of hundreds of water samples from across America revealed that 6.7% of 

municipal water systems contain very high levels of lead and other toxic elements in violation of 

EPA limits. "The citizens of America no longer trust cities to provide them with safe, clean water," 

Adams explained. "Our private testing service allows water consumers to get their water tested from 

a trusted, accredited, independent science lab that can't be influenced by local city politics." 

As a writer this just bothers me so fucking much.  Mike essentially pretends to be a third party, hoping the reader won't look at the picture of his sunburnt muffin basket of a head right above the article.  It is an intellectually and morally bankrupt practice that helps give himself legitimacy by pretending he is an expert.

Of course the other option is that someone else wrote the article and is lying about Mike writing it, but I'm no conspiracy theorist, so I wouldn't think that.  

In case you are unfamiliar with CWC labs, you are far from alone. Figuring out exactly what it is is a bit difficult because of the web of businesses Owns and the dozens of different names, web sites etc. that he uses.  But I have been able to track down a few details about the lab.

The adress is not listed on the web site itself, but it is on the Lab Certificate of Accredidation.  The Adress it gives is 704 Highway 71, Bastrop Texas.
From Google Maps
Conveniently it is located next to a portable toilet & septic business.  COINCIDENCE!?!?! I THINK NOT.

Also, on the certificate the name of the lab is 

"Consumer Wellness Center Lab aka Natural News Forensic Food Lab"

CWC Labs also claims it is only open to commercial clients, which raises another question about another conflict of interest.  In another post on this site I wrote called Jerking off In the Mirror: The Mike Adams Story, I discussed how Adams is the sole listed board member of the nonprofit Consumer Wellness center.  The connection between the lab and the charity are hard to discern.  Adams call the lab the "analytical science branch of the consumer wellness center".  The Consumer Wellness Center is located in Cody Wyoming and has no listed upcoming activities.  But it does have a web site OF COURSE.  I don't think Adams can resist the urge of going more than a week without making a new web site.  other than links on their web sites it is unclear how the lab is connected, bringing up the question over conflict of interest if the lab is performing for-profit work like commercial testing.  It seems that perhaps Adams created a charity in order to use the name and establish legitimacy for his lab.

Compounding this question is the recent announcement that CWC labs will be doing water and soil testing for individuals, through a mail in kit available on Adams' 

FOR $150

All I had to do was one google search to find a number of mail in water testing kits for much less than that price.  For example, a kit from KAR Labs, a much older laboratory with a very good reputation is only $59.99 with prepaid postage both ways.

Mike Adams calls himself the lab director and claims he oversees all scientific analysis, making me further question the credibility of any results that come from what appears to be a scetchy outfit.  The lab is one of the most cited sources in recent years for articles on Adams' many other "news" sites, but as far as I can find Adams has published no true scientific studies and very little of even basic test results.  I encourage my readers to flood the CWC with email queries so that Adams will answer the many questions that surround the CWC lab.

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