Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Broken Clock Twice A Day, Mike Adams And Pizza The Bear

While almost all of my posts so far have been highly critical of Mike Adams, I have to admit that very, very, very, very occasionally he posts something good.  Usually this takes the form of animal pictures he tweets or benign memes riddled with platitudes, but recently he did release a story authored by one of his staff writers Amy Goodrich.  The story is about the polar bear Pizza whose home is a Chinese shopping mall, and to be completely fair the article Mrs. Goodrich wrote is just straightforward reporting of what other groups have said and done regarding the bear.  It is a sad story, and the bear looks very sad, if one wishes to indulge in anthropomorphism.  Having visited China in 2008 for the Olympics i can say that I would not be surprised at all if the bear was not treated well by Western standards.  I saw things on that trip like dozens of live chickens crammed into cages so small they were popping out the sides, people beating dogs in the street, and the many stray dogs roaming Beijing.  I understand that these are cultural differences and it's considered bigoted to apply our values to them, but that does not make it any less sad for an animal lover like myself.  So on this count I agree with Amy Goodrich.  If they could just post these articles quit the conspiracy shit, I would be a fan.

For another source on Pizza try this article from the BBC.

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