Friday, July 29, 2016

Jerking Off In The Mirror: The Mike Adams Story

I have to imagine that Mike Adams' morning routine starts with him looking at himself fully naked in a mirror doing his very best Buffalo Bill impersonation from the Silence of The Lambs.  That is the only way I can visualize the amount of absolute narcissism displayed through his writing, twitter, you tube videos and every damn thing he does.  The clear efforts at deception he employs at hiding his involvement in so many different thing is disgusting.  I mean I recently read an article on his site, by S.D. Wells that listed the Top 6 most influential leaders of the clean food movement in 2016 and beyond, or, as S.D. humbly refers to them, heroes.  The list includes the usual suspects, Vani Hari, David Wolfe, Dr. Oz, but I bet none of my readers could possibly guess who #1 is.  Mike Adams The Fucking Health Ranger Himself.  How strange that he would be named the number one health leader by a writer  That Fucking Works For Him.  Of course the article contains no traces of self awareness or recognition of the fact that Adams owns this web site, pays this writer, or is even affiliated in any way.  If this weren't enough for you to picture mike making out with himself, try to also picture the mostly blank mind that is able to come up with such gems as;

The EPA Wants To Kill You With Radiation So Buy This Water Filter I endorse,

  The Bird Flu Is Going To Cause Mass Hysteria And Economic Collapse So Buy My Book "How To Beat The Bird Flu".

or (and I'm not even joking, he wrote this)

I have to admit that the Terminator movies is probably one of the most legitimate sources Mike has ever used on his site, but holy shit he actually believes an AI is going to destroy humanity.  

Exactly how narcissistic do you have to be to constantly pay people to praise you on your own web site as the greatest fucking human to ever live?  Maybe the answer is that you have to be the kind of person who starts a 'charity" called the consumer wellness center.  Maybe on that site is a link to the page for the board of directorS (I made that S large for a reason, you'll know in a moment).  Of course when you look at the board of directorS you encounter something that made me laugh for a full minute. 


Either the person who wrote the site doesn't understand that an S indicates there are multiple of something, or Mike is just a jackass who relies on people to only read headlines and not dig into anything.  I mean who else but a narcissistic douchebag would have the balls to have multiple websites that post dozens of articles every day making health claims about products he sells and other bullshit, and then at the very bottom in script so tiny and hard to read that they are not responsible for any of the content they publish and that this is not a substitute for real medical advice?  The same asshole that criticizes pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, and just about god damn everybody out there for hiding the truth, not putting proper warning on labels or online and and any other crackpot conspiracy that makes it through his tin foil hat is a god damn hypocrite.

So the world would be a better place if Mike just stuck to sitting in a padded room all day telling himself how great he is.  Unfortunately this relic of the 19th century snake oil salesman isn't going anywhere for the time being.

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