Friday, August 19, 2016

I'm So Sick of Mike Adams' Racism and Bullshit

After my several week long hiatus on writing about the Health Ranger, today I decided to peruse several of the most recent articles he has written.  Recently he has been on a political kick, writing about things like the election, Black Lives Matter, and of course the ever coming collapse of America.  Over the years, and certainly in this election cycle, the Trump supporting megalomaniac Mike Adams has become increasingly caustic and racist.  In one of his most recent about how apparently we are in the middle of a race war he babbles about how BLM is really a black terror group and the race war Obama has been planning for years is finally upon us.  Of course Mike Adams doesn't miss an opportunity for product placement!!  He conveniently links his reader to an online gun store Bud's Gun Shop, so you too can shoot people in the pelvis just as Mike describes in the article.  One of his more sickening quotes is this,

"Remember, much of today's violence is being carried out by racist, angry, bigoted HATE MOBS, 

not just individuals. This means you will likely need to reload. Don't get caught with only one 

magazine in your gun. Like I always say in my tactical handgun classes, if they ever find me beat to 

death by an angry mob, there are going to be shell casings and empty magazines (and lots of dead m--

-er f---ers) all over the place"

Of course I have come to expect this type of sick and twisted bullshit from naturalnews, but the sheer hypocrisy of it is most striking.  This is the type of person that wants to highlight small groups of people that mainstream Black Lives Matter supporters would definitely condemn , and characterize that as the entire movement.  Meanwhile, back in the fortress of solitude, anytime a gun nut shoots someone, or a school, or a church, they are in no way characteristic of the mainstream gun owners in society.

You also get the sense throughout that he had to go back through after he wrote this and change all of the places where it blames black lives matter protesters, where before it probably just said black people.

I myself own a shotgun that I use for shooting clays.  It's entertaining and I enjoy it.  I'm no gun nut, but it is legal and I know my gun is safely locked away.  I know many other gun owners and the majority of them are just normal people that either hunt or target shoot for fun, but the audience Mike Adams appeals too is the type of person that is foaming at the mouth just hoping they someday get the chance to shoot somebody (a black somebody in most cases).  Neither the rioters who claim to be affiliated with BLM, or the murderers who commit mass atrocities are representative of their respective groups, but the Health Ranger would have you believe that at this moment the streets are filled with roving bands of racist black thugs, just waiting to see a white person so they can kill them.  I know there isn't much rebuttal in this post, but I am simply drained from having to read David Duke's fever dream channeled through the dripping conspiracy sponge that is Mike Adams.   There is only one way I can end this post because I am just too frustrated to think right now

Fuck You Mike Adams You Racist Delusional Piece Of Human Garbage.  

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